Whenever dharma declines and the purpose of life is forgotten, I manifest myself on earth. I am born in every age to protect the good, to destroy evil, and to reestablish dharma. – Bhagavad Gita

This quote from the ancient vedas expands on the recent New Year’s Full Moon Eclipse message, as well as the astrological transitory nature of 2020: we are finding our best personage, purpose and our passion through mindfully chosen mentorship!


The yogi masters say that consciousness is like a train, you need a ticket to know your destination. Without a clear destination, we are at the mercy of the conductor, and the conductor may not be qualified to lead us into destiny.

Discernment is necessary for ascension. And ascension is non-negotiable.

Now is not the time to close our ears in willful defiance, nor to crumble at the gates of hell, nor to ignore the Aha moment in front of our very eyes and ears.

Choice is the magic ingredient of life. Choice is the gateway of transformation.

My business is vedanta, my agenda to support souls, my desire is to be of service. So naturally the science of yoga mixed with devotion, bhakti, is my choice. It’s my birthright to make an awesome choice. It’s everyone’s birthright.

If we imagine yoga as a tree, the low-hanging fruit is flexibility, muscle tone, coordination, and balance. For the body, yes, and for the mind too. But way up high, what are those colorful shiny jewels? What succulent gems of a sustainable lifestyle are you reaching for?

When you know and feel something is right, it’s never too early to make that first powerful step forward.


When we honor our intuition, we strengthen our capacity to be guided from within. The Universe rewards early and decisive action. 

Yoga is a warm welcome to the ebbs and flows, the ups and downs of discovering our bliss. Which is to say, being human is the re-discovery of our bliss potential. 

So who’s the conductor? Who are the experts, who has the qualification?


Somewhere between the neophyte and the master, between the beggar and the nitya-siddha-bakta, there is a spectrum. I will meet you there.



PS – I leave you with a few lines from my new book SOUL ASCENSION, on purpose, passion, and the ultimate up-level…


Ascension means flowing with reality, holding the intensity, the possibility, and the while moving forward with it. This world is being presented with unprecedented change. It is not slowing down, it is accelerating. Technology, media, politics, health care, freedom, body autonomy, our rights are all on the platform of revolution. These moments, quiet or loud, are the shift we are experiencing. How we ascend means how we flow with the bends, like music. How we prepare our minds without going all militia. How we feel gorgeous while allowing in the ugly. Each day, a drama is being played out, a new melody in the works. Our work is to grow with these moments, these vibrations, and our birthright is to expand and draw out the very best of ourselves and those around us…


“…We still own own bodies, our own religions, our own freedom. We still have the right and choice to use homeopathy over allopathic medicine. We have home birth which is to say natural birth, and we have hospital birth which is to say medical miracles. We have all the choice now. How to keep that choice while holding the knowledge that the advanced technology has already created the origin’s doppleganger is a worthy footnote.

The manual for the yoga certification school I created and now run with my outstanding husband Kalánidhi das begins with the sanskrit line accintya- beta-abheda tattva. It means the truth of life is that we and everything in it are inconceivably both one and separate. It’s a both-and world. Notice the inconceivable part. This is the very beginning, not the end, of ascension. This is is the softness of the mind that adheres to the strength of faith. It takes both to ascend. It takes wisdom and devotion. It takes the ability to understand the individual and the community. It means to become one with your personal greatness while understanding your fallibility. And it goes way beyond your physical prowess, healthy brain function, dealing with trauma. Beyond trauma, story and habitual patterns, we have to dig deeper. By becoming quieter and simpler in the mind, we grow into our heart-center, where the soul resides, and thus believe as we embody the truth that there is more than we know.

That practice is called Surrender.”

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