The reality of this information is indeed Breaking News as well as a warning to our covered mind, programming, and victimhood: Authentic Transformation & Ascension is our birthright.


“We raise our hearts and heads in gratitude and respect, for ourselves and each other, as we practice compassion which leads towards humility.” Soul Culture Yoga School

This simple affirmation has guided our yoga practice and teaching for many years. It expresses the mood of bhakti, which is the devotional pinnacle of yogic consciousness.


Perhaps you recognize the irony and mood of this blog title, and if not that’s understandable. It’s layered. We are living in an age so assaulted by banality and repetition in mainstream media that it’s difficult to decipher what is actually real breaking news anymore. This would be dangerous! If it were not for millions of folks who have woken up and share in independent media. I am so grateful to them, to true journalists. They still exist. 


What I am sharing is, indeed, a warning to the egoic material coverings of our soul: this wisdom will blow your mind, unveil truth, and transform you. I have no agenda, I have work to do. I will give much away for free. But mostly I am leading you to the saints, to the teachers, and to the servants of the servants of the servants. They will get the job done, for those with the eyes to see, the ears to hear, and the choice to freely live their awesome dharma.


As of this time, place, and circumstance I don’t know what exactly you need to support the awakening of your soul, of your bliss. There are myriad medicine practices and aha moments to behold in a life. 

I do know I am no guru.


I may not even meet you, let alone work with you. And though I may do so, I do not desire only to trigger you. That would not be enough for me, and it is probably not enough for you. Not really. Not for true ascension. Not with your intelligence. That kind of simple triggery (another play on words) is base level, not top level transformation.


Even if we do work togegher, chant kirtan, or study bhakti yoga in it’s many joyous forms while taking in nectarean hari katha (god talk wisdom) from some of the worlds most expert and kind souls, perhaps then this idea of “guru” will evolve. By then we might have explored the personalities of true guru, of grace, of primordial teachings that are beyond this time, place, and circumstance.


And by then you’ll have cultivated some understanding of sambandha jyana – divine relationship – and from whom this is coming, this eternal one personality to many eternal personalities. Personality is true, ethos and ethics are one, and Guru is one.
Actually, what I mean to offer for advancement is what has been continually offered to me: the meeting of higher class souls than myself. 

Perhaps the very fact of my being as your guide won’t be such a big deal, perhaps simply the gateway to something and someone of higher taste, class, and cosciousness. I am happy to be in service to your higher teachers, whomever they are, to be that kind of advocate, leader, and pioneer on your team.


I am truly engaged in the service of sharing my heart song, in a way that embodies the power of sanatana dharma, of eternal purpose and truth of self-realization. Humility is actually the corner-stone of this science. Not weakness, not slavery, but transparency of the soul.  

Back to the quote on Soul Culture Yoga: Surrender is the gateway into a whole new world.

We learn to soften our minds through linking breath with movement, through meditation. Simultaneously our heart starts to stir, and speak. We learn to listen.

The ups and downs of life become our teacher. We realize ‘Namaste’ – the recognition of Soul Consciousness in all Living Beings. And then we tap into relationship, into the divine connection to our unique blueprint, as well as Mother Earth blueprint, all planets, all souls.

The foundation of the Soul Culture Yoga School (SYCS) is rooted in this awareness. Our mission has been to embody transformational healing habits that empower people of any background to discover their bliss. Yoga for All, truly.

We dance, move, we sweat and shine. Every molecule of our being allowed to awaken into its ancient brilliance. We open to our divinity, our relationship, our birthright.

As practitioners first, and teachers next, we blend dynamic postures, focused alignment, rhythmic breath, loving assists, music and mantra to guide students of any level towards a transformational experience of healing.

For the past two years, our focus has moved to embodying that as parents.

With this great awakening of 2020, might we move forward assuming these same roles and qualities in any relationship that we are gifted… 

So on that note of Transparency! I will leave you with another quote, a small snipet preview of a chapter in my new book SOUL ASCENSION (2020), on meditation:


“When I close my eyes, I see the entire scope of the universe playing out. Bright lines, colors, and geometric shapes and patterns appear, but mostly it’s a picture of my entire consciousness, of every timeline, laid out like a 5D Tapestry. My parents are like Earth herself. My rocks, they are the constant connection to this land and to my body. More than that, they are always my inspiration to be better, do better, and eventually provide something of meaning to them. Payback if you will, although doubtful I could ever do that. And of course, I know why that is now, as I am a mother.”

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