How is feeling fabulous possible when the most of us are simply coasting? We simply integrate meditation as a value system and upgrade our language of living.

 We are being assaulted by negativity, polarization, and false narratives. Yet on the spectrum between divinity and demonization, we live in the radiant moment of now. Here are some classic essentials. Expect radical results, nothing less!

#1 Sleep. 

I know it sounds trite. But did you know that sleep deprivation makes you not only cranky and spacey, but causes weight gain, hallucinations, depressions, lack of sensuality, and in general makes us look our worst? It’s true. You can’t make up sleep, that’s an old wives tale. So put it on your To Do list. Asap.


#2 Down Spring Water. 

I’m talking microbes, I’m talking your gut health. Oh, yes, balls to the wall, you must drink half of your body weight in ounces PER DAY. Lube up your insides. Feeling Dry? Dry body means dry energy, dry attitude, dry as in lacking luster. Fabulous means feeling juicy. Juice up with alkaline water.


#3 Fasting.  

Everyone has a different idea of this one. In our bhakti yoga tradition, we fast every 11th day of the lunar cycle. There are health and spiritual reasons for this. The heavy hitters don’t even drink water. That’s tough for us householders.So we don’t eat grains or beans. If you’re a pure vegetarian, like us, no grains or beans is added to no meat, fish or eggs. That’s a nice healthy cleanse. Fast so you’re body can fight whatever disease is actually within, a reboot. It’s not easy day one, but in the end you’ll feel, well, fabulous.

#4 Essential Oils. 

It’s exactly that old voodoo witchery stuff that works the best for remedying your mood. I’m joking. They’re just oils. But it’s true.


#5 Down Vitamins. 

Get Wild. Take your colloidal silver when your really sick, blood builders like chlorophyll and spirulina (don’t go eat algae off the lake). Vitamin C in high doses kills virus. Many tricks. There is tremendous pollution, and it’s not natural.  High potency superfoods, phytonutrients, pre + pro-biotics, plus balancing ayurvedic herbs all work together for ) ANTI-AGING. From the moment we’re born, we’re on our way back out. SorryNotSorry to say.. So drink your fountain of youth.


#6 Bath or BioMat 

I’m a bath girl. It’s genetic. I take at least one bath a day, if not more. I need to soak, I need to chant. Water is magic. It brings me back to the essence of the womb. I’m not afraid to say it. You can get the same effect with a NASA technology Amethyst Healing BioMat. Best life-changing purchase I’ve EVER made. But putting an bunch of crystals and salt in your bath works too.


#7 As Daniel Tiger says, HuggaMugga. 

Get 12 hugs a day. I’m not telling you to get a partner, I’m saying get 12 hugs a day. Hug yourself (a yoga class counts as 7). Hug your pet. Hug your body pillow. Make new friends. Hugs are Healthy.


#8 Learn to say NO. 

Learning to say NO has been the #1 most powerful tool for business and life. It was hard at first. I’m inherently a gullible bubbly love bug. But holy shit, people be dramatic in the real world. And vampiric. And unconscious. Help them. Help yourself. Heal the World. Get on the NO train.


#9 Dance like nobody’s watching. 

You’ve heard this one before. It’s no joke. Shake your ass. And your hair. Seriously, the hair toss is important.


#10 Mantra is Magic

And finally, consider adding in mantra to your lifestyle. The most subtle and powerful vibration in the Universe is SOUND. Free your mind and the rest will follow…
Love, JaiShree

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