Whatever form this spiritual apocalypse that everyone is talking takes, it’s about self-discovery, soul advancement, and a global rebirth for good.


In my recent book, I speak about ascension. Here’s a little tidbit for you to munch on in the macro, crucial information for any soul on the path here and now:


Perhaps, this offering begins to uncover the confirmation of ascension, and the discussion of what happens during the great awakening of 2020. Might we comprehend that we are not these bodies nor our minds if we can grasp that yoga is a psychological methodology that anyone can practice, and that the seed of our soul is actually made of desire which can in itself rise to the awesome time, place, and circumstance we are being afforded in this great 2020 level-up. This means being a witness to how I deal in every moment, whether I allow a minor drama to become trauma. In order for that to happen, I need to attach some memory, emotion, and feeling to the experience. This is called karma. We are all having these moments constantly, sometimes for the first time and sometimes for the first of one hundred times in a day. It is the yoga moment of pausing and witnessing that will align me in a seat of consciousness to move forward. In that space in between, I have the ability to go down a good rabbit hole or a bad one. It’s my emotions that will begin that process.”
….. And then I can create an altar in my heart.

But first the essentials, right?! Like any birth, rebirth, or proper revolution, it’s about to get messy. The lotus grows out of the mud.


Because yoga is both an ascending and descending process, I’d like to move backwards in this one, from macro to micro.


Here are an easy few tips you can teach your 2 year old. Hopefully we adults can follow suit, and avoid the flying poo. 


Learn to Say No

No Thank You is fine

We are made of desire, and this is the information age. How to embody our highest wisdom and peace without taking in negative vibes? We say NO. We say NO to being people pleasers. We say NO to ignoring our needs. We say NO to eating crap. We say NO to having the phone next to our head. (Stop it) We simply take up our staff and stamp the earth with our clear and compassionate NO. It’s the 2nd most powerful word in the universe.

Learn to say Yes

Yaaaas Queen

Like attracts like is a golden rule, yes? We are reaping what we sowed. On the precipice of an immaculate shift in consciousness, it’s vital we listen to our gut, not consensus, not fake news (yes that’s real) but to our soul. We need to say YES. Saying YES to the universe’s good offerings will get us more of it, just as saying YES to peoples’ crap will you get more of that. Learn to say Heavens NO, then learn to say Hell YES. It’s works like a Christmas miracle.

Stop putting Everyone else first

Throw in some Shade, if necessary

There is a long winding road between being the youngest at the family table to being the matriarchs. Lots to learn in there. Our inherent nature is to serve. Compromise and sometimes sacrifice may be part of service in relationship as a parent, but sacrificing your soul helps no one. It opens the gates for you to receive unwanted alternative timelines that smell, well, poopy. Come back to your highest vision of your life, and serve from your center.

Don’t Criticize

Not easy

My Gurudeva says that criticism builds a bridge from your heart to the person you’re criticizing. That’s a fully open doorway for a load of poop to walk in. Practice tapasya, or discipline of the tongue. You’re a soul, for goodness sakes

Don’t Gossip

This is somewhat nuanced, definitely a sliding scale

Gossip or idol talk is the devil’s playground. Unconscious or devious chit chat is just that, it’s filled with negativity. Remember, before you speak – is it necessary? Is it kind? Is it true? Of course there is a spectrum from caring about loved ones to Gossip, so do this: check in. Feel into your deeper channels. Does it feel good, like in your heart, not your head, what you’re saying. Be accountable.

Don’t invite Vampires into the house

Not Ever

I learned this from The Vampire Diaries. Makes sense, right? Vampires or energy suckers are not the best association. They are tricky, so you may not recognize them at first. Association is everything. Who are you inviting in to your home? What are you inviting into your heart? And are you sucking on the blood of someone who has something you want? Don’t turn off your humanity and don’t let in vampires.

Watch your Association

The Time, Place, and Circumstance Rule

There is a time, place, and circumstance appropriate for every person that shows up in your world. Is this negative energy an invitation to view a mirror to your own ways? Is this a seasonal friend? Do you need to let go, say goodbye, or say no thank you? Learn to follow your gut and be responsible about how much precious time you spend with others. And then take the supremely rich association of those who are not fallen, who you feel god-spark in, who really resonate as genius to your soul.

Learn to Shut up

Hold Space.

Seriously, learning to hold space makes you a fabulous listener and thus more compassionate and present. And you know what else? It makes you smarter. Let others speak, take it in, then respond. Pause and reflect for goodness sake. This way you don’t blow up from emotion. Nobody needs the feces to hit the fan just to boomerang back all over the place. Yikes.

Step Away from the Poop

Don’t let the demons in your head take over.

We all have deep core beliefs that we’re not good enough, or we’re afraid of abandonment and negative energy feeds upon that. At this point, if you come in contact with someone who is expressing their bowels all over you, you need not take it personally. You need not jump down to your lowest level vibrations and allow their psychological shtuff in as your own. Step away from the ledge and say thank you for sharing or I will think about that. One day, maybe you’ll not only step over the poo, you’ll walk around it, and then eventually find another route.

Respect from Afar

This one is vital.

As a follow through to do not criticize and watch your association, please know that it’s ok to respectively give a wave or a namastepaway to anyone whom you do not feel in alignment with. It is not just about your social justice speaking up, but knowing your lane. Listen respectfully, be as patient as possible, and without disturbing your peace, give a bow, and move along.


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