I was a badass before my daughter’s birth, but parenthood is a perfect allegory for accepting and celebrating these crazy ascension times.


prakṛteḥ kriyamāṇāni
guṇaiḥ karmāṇi sarvaśaḥ
kartāham iti manyate

“The bewildered spirit soul, under the influence of the three modes of material nature, thinks himself to be the doer of activities, which are in actuality carried out by nature.” Chapter 26, Fifth Canto of Srimad Bhagavatam


Undoubtedly each and every birth story is incredible. We are so blessed to be alive at this time.

Motherhood is an embodiment that goes beyond giving physical birth, as is fatherhood, parenthood. They say even the demigods are lining up to take birth at this time. Ironic some might say, because this era is made of quarrel, anxiety and confusion. Each birth, makes parents, well, badass. The courage we face is enormous.


The rich tapestry of the entire beginning to end (though it never really does) is the perfect spiritual parable to the ascension process. Rich with characters, drama (we use that term as opposed to trauma), humor, and lessons that offer perspective and guidance for a lifetime.

Birth is no joke.

Our daughter Narayani’s birth adventure has proven to be my family’s greatest gift and teacher to date.  

Her birth offers a legacy of the profound process of harnessing shakti, cultivating power, and welding higher consciousness like a sword. My third book will be my Girl’s Love Note to Life. It’s like a road map to womanhood. All mothers have a sense of this and interpret the experience differently, of course. This story is just as much about the man, the father, and his revealing from birth.


The whole undertaking afforded opportunity to do what I do best, teach yoga. Embodying commitment, meditation, and manifestation is a platform for every life project. An opportunity to speak, walk, and talk my convictions, my devotion, and my passion for rich living in conscious current relationship What I could not have expected, although I might have in some ways, was how deeply rooted karma would play into the tapestry. 

As side note but constant to the story, I can’t tell you how easy easy Vedanta has made life. I know how complicated that sounds. The science, cosmology, and pastimes from the world of yoga are both subtle and complex, certainly not for everyone to dive deep. But vedanta can be used in practical ways by everyone. 

While I love breaking down veda’s wisdom for the everywoman, I had decided to simply be held and cared for. While I wish to get detailed, one blog isn’t enough to honor this birth story. (allow me to direct you to my website, books, and mentorship offerings). I was ready for them to bring it, bring on the fear mongering, bing on their personal stories, the customary big pharma ideology about vaccines or other unnecessary treatments, etc. I knew that since we had moved from the birth-center to the hospital (again, read the book) that there would be a desire for me pass her out quickly, move along to the surgery table, try all the drugs, and so on… 


But our birth story is not a simple story of ‘he said she said’, of simple mistakes (they were big), or ego (layered). This was a spiritual battle ground for the healthy soul of baby Narayani.


This was the game that sadly gets played these days by policies and procedures set up for an ‘everyone fits’ into one idiology that will never work. Medicine is not one size fits all, and birth is a natural process. But we’ve forgotten that, or at least we have been properly brainwashed to think differently. 

In my home, we use a mix of eastern and western medicine and methodology. Emergency medicine is a miracle. After some months into our daughter’s appearance it was clear she would need eye surgery for a genetic issue. Never once did I question the value and miracle of what was being offered. But it was, as one might say, beyond consensus and science. It was a proven genetic lifelong issue that was passed down.

For example, we understand that in a mass emergency situation, the medical staff on site would follow the rule above – to do the least harm and most good for the masses. What we experienced in our new parenthood birth-story was such a perverted reflection of medical oath and sensible pedagogy. But birth is unique, sacred, natural. Each birth is delicate, detailed, and poignant. As an educated new mother, I was really hoping to be taken care of, as opposed to be treated with blind mass programming.

The quote at the top of this blog is a part of the treasure that birth provides – the recognition that we are not the doers, that we are not in total control, that there is a destiny already in progress. Karma is part of that destiny, and that goes for every single soul involved in the birth process. 

So imagine that, and if you’re a parent you have, your ideal birth story may or may not come to fruition depending on the others on your team. You may have haters, your may have besties, good healers, egoic doctors. We had a nightmare come true on so many levels you will be enthralled – and no private parts talk involved. Mostly it’s the incredible witnessing first hand that no matter how well educated, strong, and reliable you or your team may be – something can go down a bad rabbit hole. Notice I am not saying it will, but it can. And this is not a mere coincidence or light thing. This is every single choice and moment of your life tapestry coming into view. 

Then you get to partner, and re-live it all over again. Every day, every moment. And that is why the babes of today, this completely new generation is inheriting the new earth. They have their own karma (past actions), their own sucriti (spiritual blessings), and their own perfect jiva (souls).

How are you ushering in this generation? How are you accountable for them, even if you haven’t birthed them?

We did not have to sue anyone. We did not have to clear our daughter of damaging drugs and memories. And Mom didn’t die. We had a team working with us, each had their own individual and collective parts in creating a drama. You are part of that wide and colorful tapestry. You are directly and indirectly connected to someones’ birth team somewhere, right now. We have the huge responsibility of waking up, laying new foundation, and allowing the next generation to talk, walk, and rule the new earth. Forgive me for the triggering question, but are you able to step out your own way and let them be awesome?

You are a soul.


Take heed. Be badass. Like a Momma.


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