JaiShree devi dasi aka Deborah Dow-Spielman is a 500hr CYT and 200hr ERYT certified and registered Yoga Educator. She created the Soul Culture Yoga School in 2015, training vinyasa flow with a strong focus on Veda Philosophy including Ayurveda, Naturopathic Diet & Health, Meditation, Astrology, Hands-On Energy Healing and the crest jewel Science of Self-Realization and Relationship known as Bhakti. To date she’s graduated 6 school sessions, led 18 retreats including 8 to India, and taught thousands of students via studio classes and workshops.

JaiShree lives on the east-coast of the United States with her husband Kalanidhi and toddler daughter. Her first book Discover Your Bliss (2013) is available online, with her second Soul Ascension available in February 2020. Sanctuary Center for Yoga and Healing had its grand opening in 2016 and closed in 2018 for the grand opening of their journey into parenthood. She leads Kirtan with Prema Bhakti Band since 2010.

Jaishree’s first career was as a classically trained actor, studying at the Stella Adler Conservatory in New York City, earning a BFA with minor in Ethics & Eastern/Western Religion via New York University. Having worked with her Actor’s Equity Association and Screen Actors Guild certifications since 1998, she left New York for a few years to work in Los Angeles, CA. The veil came down and she could no longer honor that vision, and so she returned to Massachusetts in 2006, devoting her time to service and becoming a full time teacher in 2007. Her first 200hr certification was with Baron Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga. She has since spent over 300 certification hours with her cherished teacher Shiva Read Prana Vinyasa/Samudra. Jai’s honored to have studied with many of the worlds pre-eminent yoga teachers over the past 20 years in immersion style.

Every week from 2007-2012, Jaishree studied with her intentional wisdom coach to heal her egoic mind, while experimenting with many natural medicine practices to heal her broken body. Since 2009 she has spent countless hours of bhakti yoga vedanta study with master teachers in India, Africa, and the United States via the International Pure Bhakti Yoga Society, under the guidance of His Divine Grace Srila Bhaktivedanta Narayana Maharaja in the Gaudiya Vaisnava Sampradaya lineage.

Jaishree channeled the ascension healing process Soul Mapping™ through her own lifetime experience of living with chronic migraine pain, not only surviving but awakening into the true vibrancy of her unique soul’s blueprint. She has cultivated that in private coaching full time since 2007. She offers her unlimited obeisances to her first gurus, her devoted and loving parents, as well as her beloved Srila Gurudeva. She appreciates this human birth so much, and loves life in the Goddess lane.

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