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“Being awake is being awake.
And awakening is what life is about.”


Hello Sacred Soul,

Thank you for downloading Discover Your Bliss – A Workbook on How to Embrace That Love-Letter to Your Soul! It’s been almost 10 years and over 1000(0) downloads since I wrote this first book. I pray it touches your soul – supporting you in sweetness and power. And those “survival tools for the wild?” Those turned into the Soul Mapping Matrix on-line Academy.

Mentorship is owning your sacred origin story in a celebratory way, seeing the miracles unfold every moment, spiritually winning the triggers and battles. I LOVE Integrating all the lessons and I LOVE teaching others to do it successfully. There is no story like your own story. Want to talk about elevating your lessons? Let’s Have a Destiny Call!

In Service, Divine Clarity, and Flow,
Your Friend,

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