What will you gain from the
SCYS 200-hour Teacher Training?

Anatomy & Physiology

Monthly Anatomy & Physiology of the physical body; Balance fluid alignment with both benefits + potential risk/injuries and pose modifications.

Energetic Awareness

Knowledge of the subtle body system from both current science and ancient medicine including the chakras, pranas, doshas and several energy healing modalities.

Present Communication

Learn the art of holding space, give/receive feedback, and use non-violent communication for transformational communication & presentation quality.

Class Versatility

Exploration of class offerings & styles incl. all levels of vinyasa flow from gentle to advanced, restorative, prenatal, healing addiction; Business of yoga and how to make a living.

Teaching Fundamentals

Foundational teaching methodologies including effective sequencing, cuing, teaching styles, qualities of teacher & creative continuity.

Sacred Soul Power

Attune to the process of Soul Mapping: Uncovering the sacred blueprint of your soul will help you re-discover your bliss & ignite positive passion in your students.

Philosophy & Heart

Realization of the 8-Limbed Ashtanga Path & the 9-Limbed Bhakti Yoga path; Embodying personal devotion as the key to your success as a valued teacher.

Embodied Spirituality

Integration of ancient teachings with modern living through examination of yoga history vedic philosophy and spirituality; Kirtan chanting and how to use mantra music in classes.

ALSO INCLUDED (extra bonus)

The significance of Ancient Knowledge in the Soul Culture Yoga School

In-depth look at astrology and dharma code principals; Understanding of the sanskrit names, history, and pastimes of the yoga world (including postures, avatars and devas)

— Emily Generazzo
“An unforgettable experience that I would recommend to anyone!”

Soul Culture Yoga 200-hour Teacher Training

— 6-month digital training starts Oct 2, 2021 . — Are you in?

An invitation
to join!

JaiShree & Kalānidhi invite you to engage your body, mind and heart in a practical yet spiritually based lifestyle that you can use to upgrade on every level right now.

Cultivated over 30 years and 3 continents, Soul Culture Yoga School is rooted in setting the stage for you to embody masterful yet simple healing habits that empower you, no matter your background or experience, to discover your bliss and keep it.

In this yoga teacher training training, we gather in sacred community to plug into an eternal energy source, commit to a personal mission, and inspire each other from our clear and confident soul. We teach you to walk the talk from your highest vibration.

Let me ask you a question about you.
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The Soul Culture Yoga 200-hour Teacher Training with JaiShree & Kalānidhi + Master Teaching Team

If this speaks directly to your soul, you’re ready for the
Soul Culture Yoga 200-hour Teacher Training.

Why I do the things I do, …

M y job is to channel vision, organize the unseen, and communicate that for each client in the language of their unique soul. Together we discover what I call the language and landscape of your inherent spirituality. We plug that into a matrix you can return to over and over again, to ground and integrate your new consciousness into your life.

When you practice Soul Mapping you learn how to master your own emotional, psychological, physical and spiritual blueprint. That includes the shadow and the light part of you. You’ll shift your frequency to match the Universe’s natural highest vibrational frequency which is already a match for your heart and soul.

You’ll stop creating, facilitating and supporting blocks to your Ascension. You’ll notice and transmute feelings of insecurity, false narratives, and beliefs that hold you back. You’ll start believing in your magic, inherent wisdom, and natural gifts so much that you make your life path work from that knowing.

Thank you, I love you! More to come…

In Clarity, Flow, and Love,

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— Allison Berry Barbieri
“This amazing course is a serious shift in mindset. It’s that good!”

Hosted at The Bhakta Bhandav
Spiritual Retreat Center

Ellenville, NY 12428

Your training covers 200 contact hours with JaiShree & Kalānidhi
and Guest Master Teachers over 8 Saturdays and 12 Sundays

100% Attendance Mandatory

Soul Culture Vinyasa Yoga

Soul Culture Vinyasa Yoga is a spiritually and physically power based flow that weaves in awareness of ayurveda health science and ancient yoga philosophy.

Practiced in 85* warmth, Jaishree blends dynamic postures, focused alignment, rhythmic breath, loving assists, music and mantra to guide students of any level towards a transformational experience of healing.

Jaishree’s own personal training includes certification in Baptiste Power Vinyasa Flow Yoga and Shiva Rea Vinyasa modules, plus extensive philosophy education that spans over 20 years and 3 continents.

Suffering is optional and humor is inevitable.

There is no “Age Limit” for the SCYS teacher training. Those under 18 years of age need a parent or guardian to sign their liability waiver.

JaiShree Yoga, Sanctuary Yoga & Healing, and any other party or facility we use for training are not responsible for any injury that occurs during training. We ask you to please get a physical and connect with your health care providers so they are also on board.

Please be aware that although you may not choose to become a yoga teacher, you will be nationally and globally certified to teach. Your training will bring you to the height of personal and global community awareness. Please get yourself ready to be physically, mentally, and emotionally challenged with love and integrity.

This is your golden ticket to the bliss train.

Transforming a virtual force to
the spiritual level