— Join The Mandali,
My Sacred Calling!

Radiant leaders, like you, exude confidence by replenishing your sacred cup in community. In our Mandali Community, we dance between master and student at the same time.

A refuge to nurture
your Inner Glow

For the Soulful Creators
& Awakened Healers,
…. the Servants of the
Sacred Calling.

I know you want to incorporate your yogic spiritual values into your own business, mission or calling, and provide leadership to the community you serve.

Create Your Soul’s Map.
Ready to Glow?

Our community practices transforming and healing hearts. We celebrate integrity and innovation. We lovingly resolve victimization by choosing spiritual elevation beyond therapy, beyond the mat and even beyond our awesome boundaries. We’re dedicated to evolving our mastery of mindfulness and playfulness. Soulful Strategies for enlightened entrepreneurship. Integrity in action means laying spiritual foundations for transformative business.

“If any of these sound familiar, then Mandali is the right
place for you ..!”

You feel disconnected from your inner wisdom + purpose.

Feeling lost in patterns can be devastating. In Mandali, we guide you to reconnect with your inner compass and live a life aligned with your true calling.

You crave a supportive community on your spiritual path.

Isolation is daunting. Join a circle of like-minded souls in Mandali, where community support amplifies your personal growth and spiritual journey.

You're seeking authentic transformation, not just quick fixes.

Real change doesn’t happen overnight. Discover sustainable personal evolution with Mandali’s holistic approach to ascension and self-discovery.

You've dabbled in wellness trends but crave deeper healing.

Beyond the trends, there is an anchor to transformation. Mandali delves into the roots, offering profound healing practices for long-lasting wellbeing.

Your self-care practices feel more like a checklist than a sanctuary.

If self-care feels like another task, or unattainable, it’s time for radical change. Mandali transforms self-care into a sacred space for rejuvenation and joy.

You want to live intentionally, but don't know where to start.

Intentions are powerful, yet without direction, they remain dreams. Mandali provides the roadmap to live a life of intention, conscious choices that feel like miracles.

Mandali Community is a welcoming haven where practicing your own extraordinary potential leads to holistic empowerment. A place to feel embraced in love & leadership.

“So…, then what exactly is Mandali?”

Soul Mandali is a sacred haven where growth and connection intertwine. Engage in transformative live coaching sessions, explore a rich library, and participate in member-exclusive chats. Immerse yourself in expert interviews and bi-weekly assignments, fostering self-discovery and shared wisdom. Elevate your inner journey. A holistic sanctuary for your radical soul-care.

Transformational Coaching

Elevate your personal growth journey through live coaching sessions, expert interviews, and bi-weekly assignments.

Community Connection

Engage with like-minded souls in a member-exclusive group chat, fostering a supportive and inspiring environment.


Soul-deep Explorations

Delve into guided meditations and weekly exercises, encouraging self-reflection and mindfulness.




“Jaishree helped me discover
love + vulnerability …”

— Amanda Delany


“It’s so delicious to me!”

— Gail Lewis


“… a huge awakening for me!”

— Kyla Almeida

Prepare for Soul-deep
Discovery + Transformation

Join the Mandali community!

Prepare for Soul-deep Discovery + Transformation

You’re looking for transformation, not just transactions.
How do you embolden your aura in every part of your life?
Can you be that bridge for others?

PS: Radical clarity means being a magnetic spiritual leader — And I’d love that for you, too!

LIVE Group Coaching Calls With Jaishree, twice monthly

Elevate your journey with LIVE Group Coaching Calls, twice monthly, guided by Jaishree’s wisdom for transformative insights and growth.

Circle Membership includes (library) + Member group chat

Dive deep into our Mandali Membership, granting access to an enriching library and lively Member group chat for shared inspiration.

Expert Interviews (pre-recorded) posted Monthly

Unlock wisdom with monthly Expert Interviews—pre-recorded insights that deepen your understanding and broaden your perspectives.

Bi-weekly Assignments + Discussion topics

Engage in bi-weekly Assignments, Exercises, and Journaling prompts, fostering personal growth through thoughtful exploration and shared discussions.

Guided Meditations Audio Added to Library Weekly!

Immerse yourself in our weekly serenity with Guided Meditations added to our expanding library—a soothing journey for inner peace and mindfulness.

Special Member discounts for 1:1 Coaching Sessions

Enjoy exclusive benefits with Special Member discounts, making personalized 1:1 Coaching Sessions an accessible opportunity for your individual growth journey.

Choose from any of  these membership plans

Fast action bonus for … fast action takers!

Complimentary 30-minute coaching call with Jaishree!

First 10 people to sign up receive a FREE 30-minute coaching call with Jaishree to help you clarify your goals + intentions for 2024.

‘Discover Your Bliss’ mini-course valued @ $27

Sign up before February 14 and receive FREE access to: ‘Discover Your Bliss’ mini-course valued @ $27.

Customer reviews

You’re in good company here …

We’re committed to delivering extraordinary experiences and consider all feedback essential in celebrating our members.

Jaishree helped me discover love and vulnerability within myself using her soul ascension model. This program is the highest pinnacle of love.

Amanda Delany

Thank you for the download during our meetings and the community… Incredible, everything couldn’t be more aligned. You are spot on.

Naomi Nelson

Your kindness and enthusiasm for my success is so very much appreciated. Working with you has changed my life! My heart sings to yours.

Stacy Knickle

Going through the Sacred Quadrant has been a huge awakening for me. I can’t thank you enough. This is really amazing work that you’re doing.
Kyla Almeida

I loved the Sankalpa, gratefully leaning in and finding so much magic. Showing up with love and acceptance, that starts with noticing my negativity, shifting to love.

Sahaj Kaur

I like the congruence of your meditations, Jaishree! And I love the happiness that I feel in group learning. It’s so delicious to me! I love getting to know myself.

Gail Lewis

I sincerely enjoy the meditation with you and Clarence; it’s truly new to me and so relaxing.
The community is a truly magnificent achievement!

James Koumpouras

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