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A community open to everyone. For clarity, prompts, and tips on how to enrich your experience.

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T his is our first Book Club! Why a book? Soul Ascension is the second book of a Trilogy, the first being DISCOVER YOUR BLISS in 2013. Each time I write a book, something huge happens in the world. The day I launched Discover Your Bliss publicly was the day of the Boston Bombing (yes, I am from Boston). And this book SOUL ASCENSION, a psychic activation for positive ascension during and after the pandemic, I wrote On New Years 2020.

The feedback I receive on this book is mind and heart-blowing. Hundreds of you have shared your wide open heart-songs of recognizing the powerful psychic and light-working source superpowers already inside of you.

My intention for us bringing the BOOK CLUB into a live group form because our superpowers becomes a prayer for the world. And that’s what the world needs right now. Our relationship, our conversations, our sharing makes our newest developed superpowers very real when we upgrade our intention for what I call The Majestic Council.

The BOOK CLUB might work for you as a side thing, following along with videos and joining the live chats when you can, but I am committing to being with you live. So I hope you’ll join us! And I’m very happy you are here.

In Clarity, Flow, and Loving you,

Read it. Join it. Love it. Share it.