Redefine your Relationship with Reality

Soul Mapping Mentorship

A Three-Month Transformational Coaching Intensive

3 months to Redefine your Relationship with Reality, so that you run the business of your life from sacred devotion and empowered choices.


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Soul Mapping Mentorship

A Three-Month Transformational Coaching Intensive

Find Deep Clarity

Own your worth and see miracles
unfold in your life everyday.

Step Into Confidence

Release anxiety, speak your truth, and celebrate divine timing

Embody Flow + Radiance

Know in your bones that you are sacred, beautiful, magical and free.

You’ve tried many tools and teachings over the years. Some for a week, some for years. And yet there are holes in your bucket.

I see you. I am loving you.

Because I’ve been there too. All the dark places. All the self-hatred, sabotage, and attracting narcissists. I get it.

For YOU if you’re ready for deep Clarity, Confidence, Flow + Radiance

I think I understand you. You want to design your life in a way that you own your worth and see miracles unfold everyday. You want to honor your traumas as wisdom, but not live reactively from them. You want to release anxiety, speak your truth, and celebrate divine timing. To feel flow. And while you’re at it, you want to master addictions, radiate expertise, and attract the best relationships. You want to know in your bones that you are sacred, beautiful, magical and free. You want to feel delicious, yes?

“Learning to Pivot is My Superpower”

I was born with a genetic propensity to migraine, a condition that brings on tortuous debilitating pain. Often daily. Navigating that pain and learning to pivot constantly is my superpower. I’ve had to master both ends of the spectrum and work my way to the middle, to freedom, from the inside out. With two careers under my belt, I have degrees, certifications, and a passport stamped over a dozen times. My adventures have filled two books to date with the third enroute, and I’m juggling a co-founded family business while breastfeeding and homeschooling my daughter who appeared earthside after 40. (Yes, got pregnant 100% natural and I do teach it).

I’ve spent all my money on spiritual advancement more than once, and reverse engineered every single tool I’ve studied to make sure it works. I choose everyday to walk the talk, and I love sharing my secrets. Also amidst this worldwide pandemic I manifested my dream house on 5 acres while staying sacred AND sovereign.

Bulletproof spirituality takes work.

The breakthrough that will help you thread your needle and get what you want is often the one ritual that doesn’t need to change. The secret beyond the secret. It has been known by many names: soul, devotion, sacred, sovereign, ascension. Your soul deserves to be celebrated, shared, radical, vulnerable, vibrant, luscious and most of all courageously devotionally channeled.

The results of your Soul Mapping with me show up in seeing + feeling your divine timing and flow in the form of what your soul wants to manifest.

Ready for that? Ready for
you to manifest AND live your bliss?

Ready to get what you want, all without forgetting your sweet, humble godspark?

What is the Soul Mapping Matrix?

my unique signature program

Soul Mapping Matrix

Radiance + Abundance

Mantra: “I am Love.” Forgiveness, Gratitude, Humility

Medicine Tools

Mantra: “___________ saves me!” Work is Play, Play is Work.

Becoming Aware

I see, I hear, I feel. I name my pain in discomfort

Magic + Devotion

Knowing, Accepting & Utilizing my Superpower

Cultivate Team

Mantra: “________ supports me!” My people are waiting for me.

Core Desire

I am in discovery. I reclaim
my bliss potential

Serve, Share + Repeat

“I am both one with and separate from the Divine”

Daily Ritual

Mantra: “I practice ______ .” My dedicated action is vital…


I am a soul. I lift my sword
and shield

Do You Have Any Questions?

Book a no-pressure call with Jaishree and discover if Soul Mapping Mentorship is for you.

Quantum Leap
Quarter Package


Choose. Embody. Experience the Soul Mapping Matrix show up for you when you need it most.


6 full sessions

(power packed hour 60 minutes)


4 laser sessions

(20 minutes – use anytime)


Soul Mapping Matrix Program

(digital PDF course includes playbook; videos; audio recordings, meditations)

This is your moment

For YOU if you’re ready for deep Clarity, Confidence, Flow + Radiance

Choose. Embody. Experience the Soul Mapping Matrix show up for you when you need it most.

Do you have a spiritual practice that feels good when you’re alone, but lose it when you walk out the door?

How do you expand your sacred space and claim your sovereignty in all moments?

Happy Clients

I get to work with some pretty amazing people, …
here’s what they say.

“This amazing course is a serious shift in mindset. It’s that good!”

— Allison Berry Barbieri

Director at The Goddard School

“An unforgettable experience that I would recommend to anyone!”

— Emily Generazzo,

Owner & Yoga Teacher at Emily Julia Yoga

“Fearless, and compassionate, Jaishree goes where many fear to go.”

— Jonathan Glass

M.Ac. Ayurvedic Practitioner

What’s inside the program

Quantum Leap
with Soul Mapping Mentorship

“Resistance may be your greatest enemy, but discernment is your greatest advantage.”
— Jaishree

The Soul Mapping ‘Quantum Leap’ Mentorship Program is a 3-month coaching intensive designed for your greatest transformation. 90 days to clear your negative programming, learn to pivot in the moment, and serve from your happiest place even during a crisis. Too late, you say? It’s not only not too late, it’s only just time. The only time is Now.

We don’t do gimmicks, we don’t do fads, we don’t do fake, and we don’t play small. This is about your real life, your spiritual everyday practical choices, which just happen to be magical, blissful, psychic, sacred and sovereign.

We come from a lineage of lions.

Soul Mapping has worked for my clients for the past 15 years because it’s strategic, built from a lifetime, thousands of hours of teaching with hundreds of individuals with real results. I guide, cheerlead, heart-hold, and freely pass on my secrets at the perfect moment. You leave each session empowered, emblazoned, and in love. In the end, we will have co-created your own personalized Soul Map which you use in designing a practical spiritual life. Repeatable, Relatable, and Reliable.

I’ll be the midwife to your new reality.

As a mystic healer and spiritual educator, I bridge systems thinking with intuitive guidance. Our signature program Soul Mapping Matrix is the foundation of this work. And while a huge part of my offering is receiving information as a channel, what I teach is not completely freeform. The Soul Map is like an entire new neural pathway for sacred embodied living. I mentor from both ends of the spectrum. What does that mean? The Soul Mapping Matrix is a reliable results driven system but the wisdom that I channel, organize and communicate clearly during mentorship is received ONLY for you. Only in the moment. This means you get totally unique meditations, guidance, support, and forever transformation – complete and divine – each time we meet.

Choose. Embody. Experience the Soul Mapping Matrix show up for you when you need it most.

Ready for that? Ready for
you to manifest AND live your bliss?

Ready to get what you want, all without forgetting your sweet, humble godspark?

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Frequently asked questions

How much does Mentorship cost?
Soul Mapping is not your first stop on the bliss train. It’s that rarest gem on your finger, the graduate school of your confidence, your PHD in psychology, your dream home for relationships or the vehicle you will finally run a successful business in. Soul Mapping is literally what you will live in. What is that worth to you?

Your package is custom tailored to your needs, so before you book I want you to call me so we discuss your needs. Your entire life has led up to the moment when we meet. Our amazing relationship unfolds towards your ultimate transformation now. I have been doing this specific work for 15 years. Think of buying this mentorship as if you’re buying a car. This work is the price of a custom car. Your mentorship package is all about your dreams, your up-level, you getting what your soul needs. I’d like to know what your needs are before I share a price. I don’t mean to be vague, but I’ve been doing this for a long time. Average investment for 3 month coaching is anywhere between 4K and 15k.

How do I know if Soul Mapping is for me?
Are you ready to commit fully to your divine destiny? To manifest a reality of creativity, joy and abundance? To living life on your terms, defined by what supports your gifts, your dreams, your core desires?

So you’re ready. No matter where you are in your life, you are right around the corner from your biggest, boldest and most beautiful world. This process of Soul Mapping gives you the eyes to see, ears to hear and words to express from your Soul. It is a remembering practice for that thing you’ve been deeply longing for your whole life.

As with all things in life, what you put into Soul Mapping sets the tone for what you get out of Soul Mapping. It is a co-creative process that takes shape as you and I together breath life into your dreams.

My job is to help steer you towards your core desire so that your dreams manifest. I take this work seriously and so should you. It will be challenging at times, but I will show up because you show up.

What happens after I sign up?
  • How does this work? What happens after I sign up? Is this virtual? Do we do an onboarding call?

After you choose your payment plan and sign up, you will receive a confirmation email with receipt and login information about the two platforms we use during mentorship.

The first platform is our very own Soul Mapping Matrix Portal at This is your homebase and contains the foundational coursework for mentorship. Lifetime access to the Soul Mapping Matrix Course is included with mentorship. You will receive your login information via email and can access the portal on any device. The Soul Mapping Matrix Course is a self-directed course that takes you through our signature process for defining a life of clarity, flow and love. Completing this course within the first month of your mentorship is strongly recommended as it will help us to create a common mindset and language around your transformation. Further courses may be purchased and added to your account at any time.

The second platform we will use for scheduling is Acuity Scheduling at Your 6 power sessions and 4 laser sessions are all virtual and exclusively intimate.

If you did not register for an Acuity Scheduling account during your purchase, please look for your session confirmation email, click on the ‘Change/Cancel Appointment’ button and then click on the ‘Register for an Account’ button. Use the same email address you used to purchase/book your session to register your account. If you have followed these steps and are still encountering an issue, you may contact our team for support at

All of your sessions are stored on your Acuity profile. Use our scheduling link to schedule at any time during your mentorship semester. You may also download the scheduling app on iTunes and the Play store. Whenever you schedule, a zoom link will be included in your booking confirmation email. Secure sessions via zoom may be recorded at your discretion and shared to preserve breakthrough moments and prompt deeper reflection.

Our first power session together will serve as an “onboarding / intake” session. Plan on spending 90 min with me on a deep dive into you, your process and your world. Everything unfolds organically from there.

Please note I will always do my best to support you in changes to our schedules, as long as you give me ample time (aka at least 48 hours) to utilize the space in another way. Respect and sovereign relationship is a two-way street.

How many hours should I reserve?
In addition to the Soul Mapping Matrix coursework, your mentorship “homework” is uniquely channeled during every session. This could range from a daily 5 – 30 min meditation / journaling, mental mapping, or expressive projects.

In general you should expect to devote anywhere between 10 – 60 min / day or 2 – 5 hr / week to your mentorship, in addition to any time spent in session.

Any homework is in addition to the work you do personally to support your process – aka personal development, reading, meditation, movement practice, journaling, etc.

Are you offering anything in-person?
COVID may have changed the game for a hot minute, but we are now officially back to the party.

Following all guidelines and regulations, starting in Summer 2021 we will be offering luxury couples retreats (with childcare!) and Yoga Teacher Training immersion in partnership with Bhakta Bandhav Spiritual Retreat Center in the New York Catskills. 1:1 Soul Mapping and Quantum Healing Sessions will also be available in-person on an exclusively limited basis.

How do we maintain healthy boundaries?

… and how will you hold space for me when I get “triggered”?

This work is about triggers, which can cause pain points and reactions. While that discomfort is a portal for transformation and bliss, it’s still hard. When you get triggered, I hold loving space. The beautiful and the ugly. I am a lie detector, and most of us don’t even know we are in programming or negative loop matrixes. Some of the work is about untying those neatly wrapped bows of lies that are embedded in your system. But I will never blow up your spot. I will not put myself nor my comfort in front of your up-level. Boundaries are necessary. I will help you become aware of tares in the fabric of your system. It’s delicious, gorgeous work and yet, it’s the work of addressing poison.

FYI: this work is all about sweetness, joy, softness, integrity and the magic inherent in our system. However, any aggressive or demonic action towards myself or my family or our community including trolling, bigotry, mean-spirited shout outs, as well as vampiric energy sucking and secret sorcery will get shut down swift and hard.

It’s taken a long time for the world to wake up to these medicine tools and ancient wisdom traditions – but they are finally becoming more mainstream. Mainstream does not mean empirical. This work will stretch you big time. Keep it private while you begin so that you can marinate… OR shout it from the rooftops at the get-go! You’re choice. Just know, this is YOUR gift from the universe. You don’t have to explain it to anyone.