Soul Ascension.
A story in Soul Search


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This is what some of our readers are saying about my latest book

“Fearless, and compassionate, Jaishree goes where many fear to go.”

— Jonathan Glass,
M.Ac. Ayurvedic Practitioner

“An unforgettable experience that I would recommend to anyone!”

— Emily Generazzo,
Owner & Yoga Teacher at Emily Julia Yoga

“A beautiful method to help you dig a little (or a lot if you like) into your life.”

— Sarah Frederiksen,
Founder at Elevate You

This book begins to uncover what is behind our eyes when they are closed, the confirmation of ascension, and the discussion of what happens during the great awakening of 2020.

Might we comprehend that we are not these bodies nor our minds, if we can grasp that yoga is a psychological methodology that anyone can practice, and that the seed of our soul is actually made of desire which can in itself rise to the awesome time, place, and circumstance afforded in this great once in a millenia level-up.

We are finally here. 2020 is going to be the year that the veil comes down. Everyone will be affected. Every narrative, program, and belief will be disrupted, challenged, and awakened.

We’ll either be in total shock or steady ready. The laws of science that prove energy not only exists but radiates out of our very bodies has yet to be fully decreed by modern society, but it is understood, researched, and proven. Those in the know have measured and published the research that has been going on since before the turn of the century. Hidden behind the bullshit, there is illumination, truth that the science of spirituality can indeed be mastered at best, integrated at the least. What I aim to do is simplify that discovery
and process for as many souls as possible. What we all individually and collectively shed as either fear or love is what we see, hear, feel, and ultimately taste in our very being.

And that is everything.

I’m graced by knowing and working with so many beautiful souls.

“… deeply spiritual, transformative, challenging and most of all fun.”

— Dr. Michael Geary,
Life Coach & Founder of The Dharma Diamond

“… a true blessing to anyone who has the calling to deepen their spiritual health and bring it to the next level.”

— Lisa Hansen,
Holistic Nutrition Coach

“… a mentor, teacher, sister, friend, co-pilot, playmate, and colleague all-in-one!”

— Nerissa J Fry,

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