Spiritual Educator, Mentor, Author, Singer-Musician and Creator of the Soul Mapping Matrix

I am inviting you to schedule a Soul Mapping healing session with me, where I will guide you to embody deep Clarity, Confidence, Flow + Radiance and see results instantly!

Soul Mapping is a process for shifting your mind’s negative programming, so that you not only heal old wounds but actually replace them with spiritual confidence, for real and forever.

The results of your Soul Mapping show up in seeing + feeling your diving timing and flow in the form of what your soul wants to manifest.

Now is the time to Go Soul Deep – You & Me

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 *Your session includes a complimentary 20 min follow-up laser session

I get to work with some pretty amazing people…

What clients are saying

Warren "Jack" Clement, Soul Mapper, husband & father

“As a couple our greatest gaps are also our strongest bonds. Jaishree & Kalā have guided us to pivot our triggers to portals of ascension as a couple, while helping me become a stronger, more sovereign Self.”

Stacy Nickle, Soul Mapper, Happily Married Mom

“Working with Jaishree and the whole soul mapping process has been nothing short of life changing! The tools I have gained in transforming both my own life and my relationship with my life partner have been miraculous.”/mark>

Jessica Waden, Soul Mapper, Educator & Mom OF 4

“…Impressive and awesome game-changer for me as I balance parenting four young kids, work and life…”


“Imagine if we could see our soul map from above …. We would hold a tremendous power for our own health, wealth, and happiness.”