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I’m very happy you are here. Soul Ascension, A Revelation Novel is my second book.

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Week One | Chapter One

Ascension Basics

  • On the topic of Surrender: What “dark night of the soul” experience brought you to your knees?
  • Do you ever hear yourself speak from your family’s language?
  • What negative experiences ended up being huge up-levels?
  • Do you believe in magic? What does the word spirituality mean to you?
Week Two | Chapter Two

Ascension Birth

  • On the subject of negative self-talk, who is your current team for that?
  • What does sovereignty mean to you, and why is it such a buzzword?
  • Time for a conspiracy chat: how do you relate to that word, what is your history with it?
  • What does the ‘great awakening” mean to you? 
Week Three | Chapter Three

Ascension Family

  • Let’s talk global consciousness: what is your relationship to the world as it stands right now?
  • What are your best and your worst qualities in relationships? Have you ever been ridiculously in love, wounded, tolerant?
  • And on that subject of Family: can you name a time you were “betrayed”?
  • How have you pivoted in the greatest crisis up-heavels of your life?
Week Four | Chapter Four

Ascension Work

  • On the subject of Sacred: have you considered that all areas of your life are each a temple?
  • Do you check in to your relationship with spirit, the soul, higher consciousness, divine nature?
  • What’s your experience of forgiveness?
  • What does enlightenment mean to you? What are your superpowers? And where or how are you feeling called to “ascend”?

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