What to expect when you join the Soul Culture Circle

Enter a sacred space where community learns, practices and grows with you and reflects the choices that lead to more spontaneity, clarity and vibrancy. In real time. This is the new place for spiritual education and personal development. This is Soul Culture Circle.

It’s a sacred soul circle

Soul Culture Circle is a community of seekers, leaders and healers who gather weekly to learn, teach and embody practical spirituality in their health, business, and relationships.

01. Weekly workshops

Weekly workshops that embrace controversial topics through guided meditations, wisdom lessons and community engagement. Assignments deepen understanding with personal coaching by Jaishree, sharing vulnerable stories and turning them into power. Connect your inner spiritual journey to the real world consciousness. Discover insights and tools to live life with greater joy and purpose.

02. Assignments, rituals, etc.

Dive deeper and get the most out of Soul Culture Circle by engaging with content on the platform. Assignments, rituals and other curated practices support you bringing soul mapping into your daily life. Learn to access your inner wisdom, align with divine guidance and explore your own soul map!

03. Daily coaching

Daily coaching helps members explore and map their soul’s journey. Through self-reflection, members can discover their true purpose and uncover hidden talents to spark transformation and growth. Join a small group (sacred circle) to deepen your experience. Each day brings a new opportunity to embrace the spiritual gifts of life.

04. Weekly IG Live coaching (AMA)

Radical honesty and embracing controversy are the heart of Soul Culture Circle. Members have the special opportunity to come on live with Jaishree for IG Live soul mapping coaching (AMA). These sessions will help you to be radically honest with yourself, to break through the walls of fear and unlock the wisdom of your inner being.

05. A thriving community

A thriving community of soul mappers gather on our online platform, connecting to their spiritual selves and each other. Our mission is to create a safe and supportive space where each individual can explore their inner journey and uncover their truth. With this, we foster an understanding of the collective power of our souls to shape our destiny.

06. Guest hotseat interviews

The Guest Hotseat Interviews are an interactive and enlightening experience for the Soul Culture Circle Community. Guests explore their spiritual journey through a soul mapping process, gaining clarity and insight into their authentic self and purpose. Join us to discover your inner-most spiritual gifts and make a powerful connection to your soul’s destiny.

Circle of Life

Learning how and where you need it most. Access live classes, take-home assignments, replays and courses in the app and on the go

Soul Education

Small sacred circles are the building blocks for strong community and lasting transformation. Learn, practice, teach and grow your forever team

Sacred Bad-assery

There is no right or wrong way to heal. Your messiness is an exquisite gift. Be a sacred rebel. Be spontaneous. Be blissful. Be YOU

Embrace the power of your soul and join the Soul Culture Circle community. Connect, learn, grow and transform on your journey to discovering your purpose and building a life you love.

Our community rocks

Thank you for creating a sacred container for this work!

Allison Barbieri

I’m really happy that I got myself tuned in. It had a lot of value for my life.

Cheryl Travers

Thank you so much for this awesome class Jaishree!!

Sara Philkill