“5 Days of Unwrapping Your Gifts”

Winter Solstice ✨Challenge✨

Tools & techniques to navigate ‘The Most Wonderful Time of the Year’ …

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As We Approach ‘The Most Wonderful Time of the Year’ …

We want to set ourselves up to stay grounded and protect our truth and honor our peace. Learn some simple tools and techniques to navigate these days with grace and joy!


Sunday December 17

Intentions over Expectations

As we approach the holiday season, we start by cultivating a mindset of intentions over expectations. We reflect on any upcoming family gatherings, encouraging a mindset that prioritizes positive intentions over rigid expectations.


Monday December 18

Your Presence is Magic! ✨

We’ll explore how infusing purpose into our practice amplifies the magic within, fostering a more meaningful holiday experience. Through a guided meditation, we’ll cultivate harmonious connections with loved ones during this festive season.


Tuesday December 19

Embolden Your Aura 😇

We’ll learn how to cleanse our energy field by practicing a simple radiant breathing exercise that instantly clears the mind’s chatter. Shield from toxicity. Cultivate your abundance like a superhero. Protecting your truth and honoring your peace.


Wednesday December 20

Shine Your Light on Others

Healing your heart. Being the hero means you shine a light on other people. We’ll do a group empowerment meditation for the collective. You’ll leave feeling a deep connection to every soul in a happy, generous mood.


Thursday December 21

Identify Soulfully

Reclaim your bliss. Not all that glitters is gold unless it aligns with your spiritual values. We will write love letters today. Confidence follows boundary setting, redefined expectations, and embracing yourself as the gift. Happiness is holy.

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“5 Days of Unwrapping Your Gifts”

Winter Solstice ✨Challenge✨

Five days of radical storytelling, mindset uplevel, and clarity on your next move.

🤞 We won’t spam you or sell your information ever.

W itnessing your glorious transformation is my passion. Over the past two decades, I’ve journeyed as a global spiritual mentor, mystic healer, author, and yoga educator.

My mission is to empower seekers, healers, and leaders, anchoring you in sacred truth and sovereign relationships. I’m the visionary behind Soul Culture Yoga™ certification school. I’ve led over 10,000 hours of transformative movement meditation, organized 20 national and international retreats, and guided individuals, couples, and families to reclaim their divine purpose.

I’m also classically trained in acting, touring as a SAG and Actors Equity member before embracing teaching, writing, and healing in the Boston area. As co-founder of the Soul Mapping Matrix™ academy and a published wordsmith, I homeschool alongside my cherished husband. This September, I’ll lead my 8th 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training at Serve-Love BhaktaBandhav in New York’s Catskill Mountains.

I’ve learned that true bliss lives on the other side of pain, and a successful devotional ecosystem encompasses every colorful part of that complicated humanity…. laughing

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