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Warriors of Radical Authenticity.

Jaishree Dow-Spielman Mystic Healer and Spiritual Educator • Creator of the Soul Mapping Matrix and the Soul Culture Yoga School.

Read it. Love it. Share it.

I was born this way. Speaking truth to power, calling out bullshit, and yet loving while doing it.

I started working young, offering my service by sharing poetry, emotion, and wisdom nuggets on stage. Acting my guts out and singing my heart out was a good beginning.

There was a moment where my Epic Pivot #1 became aggressively obvious. You feel me?

We heed that call or we don’t, we push it down or we rise to it.

The call comes back, in more forms. Mine came at thirty. I wasn’t sleeping or eating, just dancing and feeling with no system to ground. All psychic, no maps to navigate the grids.

On the edge of insanity, and perhaps death. Me, but messy.

Immerse your body, mind & heart in our spiritually informed practical 200-hr Yoga Teacher Training

Begin to see and treat your spiritual practice as the cornerstone of your life and service to others.

And then on day, I just stopped.

I decided I wasn’t done living.

I had faith. Warrior amounts of it.

I allowed myself to get ripped out of that world by those that loved me, to sit in the silence and hear the voice that was whispering “Yoga Saves Me” …..

I took the bounty of luck, of travel, conservatory education, and dove into Yoga. All the Yogas. My guides, my Gurudeva, and Bhakti Devi herself scooped me up, led me to the healers, the teachers, the devotees, and instructed me service, my work.

Hard core upgrade = Bliss ensues naturally.

After 15 years of teaching yoga full time, writing books, private coaching, leading international retreats, and owning a beautiful yoga studio for 2 years, we got pregnant with our bestie daughter. She arrived earthside at the end of 2017.

Epic Pivot #2.

I now focus our homegrown business on guiding individuals to successfully see their PIVOT. To see their mind’s expansive landscape clearly and match their language to it, channel their passion, and experience miracle magic in the everyday flow.

I help people make the bold positive decisions that transform their lives. Call it Ascension. Call it Awakening, Breakthrough, Humanity Upgrade, Yoga, Transformation, your New Lease on Life, Harnessing your Psychic Awareness, Kundalini Rising, or just going back to School.

Breaking though your old patterns and belief systems (that suck) to be your own boss across your entire life, so you don’t feel used and abused.  I teach that.

I call the navigation system a Soul Map.


💪🏼On your Own & Anywhere: on-lineSoul Mapping Matrix Course.

💪🏼💪🏼1:1 and 2:2 Soul Mapping Mentorship Individuals & Couples

💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼In Community: 200Hour Yoga Teacher Training Certification (both on-line and in person options!

Then What?

👏🏻We lead Mastermind groups out of those students/couples/clients to go even deeper.

👏🏻👏🏻We host retreats for light workers, homeschoolers, and Soul Culture Yogis and Mappers here on our land as well as BhaktaBandhav (lower Catskills, NY)

👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 it’s All here!

We never stop creating new content, sharing our world, and hosting people for their evolution.

How do we keep healthy offerings going with migraines, triggers, homeschooling, the pain of this world?


We don’t fuck about.

Soul Mapping, for us, means staying under shelter and guidance of our spiritual master and lineage. We keep going. Keep giving. Keep learning. We stay awake.  We stay open. Warriors of radical authenticity.

We don’t hold back from loving on our clients. They need both of us, the divine feminine as well as the sacred masculine. They have the babies, the artistry, the businesses, the healing of narcissistic people or patterns, the sweeter mood AND *most important* the relationships and confidence that make them KNOW they are spiritual souls in complete flow with the World. No more shame, blame, lame programming. 

You don’t have to choose to live those lies. We reveal them, transmute them, and walk the talk of balance and bliss. You choose. Alchemy of your birthright. You were born to be here now and do the Epic Thing. Even if you just lived your entire life studying one way and it seems it’s all gone. That’s a program too.

Need guidance?

We have openings.

The time is Now.  Schedule your 20-minute FREE DESTINY CALL to talk about whether the Soul Culture Yoga School is the right place for you to feel supported, guided, and held in eternal wisdom principles that get you to your dreams.

In Clarity, Flow, and Love,

Read it. Love it. Share it.

Let’s Talk About
Your Soul Mapping!

I am inviting you to schedule a FREE CALL with me, where I will guide you on the next steps to applying the Soul Mapping Matrix™

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Curious to know if
Soul Mapping is for you?

Soul Mapping is a process for shifting your mind’s negative programming, so that you not only heal old wounds but actually replace them with spiritual confidence.
For real and forever. (Let’s chat about it)

What happens during our call?

You’ll receive some pointers to start applying to your life and see results right away!

01. Becoming Aware

When we become aware of our triggers, we create the foundation to use them as portals for our growth.

02. Learning the Tools

We pivot towards clarity of what you want so that stress is relieved and trust is established.

03. Embody Ascension

We highlight your ascension by embodying your transformative decisions that guide your next steps, in flow.

Warriors of Radical Authenticity.