Don’t Read Unless You’re Into Radical Vulnerability.

Jaishree Dow-Spielman Mystic Healer and Spiritual Educator • Creator of the Soul Mapping Matrix and the Soul Culture Yoga School.

Read it. Love it. Share it.

Radical honesty might make you unpopular.

You might offend your friends and family’s beliefs. You may confuse your spouse or lover after 20 years.

But something happens on the other side of the fear you feel. The power you receive is unmeasurable. You may have the biggest realization of your life to date.

I’m going to do it now. I’m going to share my guts. Like 5 things, I’ll share. 

Ok. Here we go.

I am not now nor have I been completely Covid crazy. I can’t talk 24/7 about it.  I won’t be pumping my body full of more medicine than necessary nor will I be going around giving anybody my private health information. Not because I don’t care about people, that’s such hogwash. On the contrary, I die to live. Always have. I simply don’t believe that one tick bite, one disease, one virus, one propaganda, one war, one lie, one programming, one matrix is going to take me nor this world down. Also I read a lot. I can’t unlearn history. It’s exhausting.

Let’s see, what else…

Having boundaries is not ghosting. As I continue to awaken into my sacred truth, relationships naturally shift. I need to step up to the plate of my life and flip my own script. I am responsible for my choices, and that includes educating myself.  I made the mistakes. I am to blame. I have faults. The happy train is quite real. It takes dedicated study and breaking through of old programming to be able to even have these conversations. 

On that note…

Conspiracy is not sovereignty. My humble offering from living theories in relationships: Not everything is a conspiracy. Most “conspiracy theorists” are just well read. Crazy is crazy and comes in many Colors.  Being sovereign means making bold choices. True Health takes a shit ton of work, much more than one shot or one mask or one promise by any man-made entity. When are we going to start saying hello and how are you again, and mean it?

Then there’s this:

This lie that I am somehow less devoted to my blood family because I also have a spiritual family. Similar relation to the lie that I am less capable of running a business because I put God first. Or the one that I am crazier than others because I know magic is real. So backwards. But still, communicating clearly can be difficult and often makes me feel alone, like a fallen star from another planet.

And that leads me to this:

There’s a phenomenon in my life, besides migraine, which is that I cannot sleep. My whole life. I have been up more full nights than I care to remember. I have lived, organized, and taught all the tools, all the herbs, all the pranayama – and I have already gone insane, so I work hard to stay healthy. If a migraine runs too long, travel in the car, or walk around town chanting kirtan with Narayani on my back for hours (Yes, did that all last weekend) then my sacrum goes out, the ribs, my neck.  So I don’t sleep on top of all that pain. 

Aka I am fucked.

Then comes the best judgement: I’m not a good mom.  The perfectionist archetype shows up. I’m not teaching her enough yoga, or languages. I’m not facetiming people (because for some reason it’s all on me), and so on and so forth and back to the beginning. What to speak of how hard I can be on my hero of a husband….. 

And there they are. All my Old Stories. Hello Hunger Games.

So here’s the PIVOT. My Wish for YOU. My focus on you getting something out of my soul scraping is my pivot. (Realm 1, phase 2 & 3 of Soul Mapping Matrix)

**Your radical vulnerable truth begins at discomfort. That is the challenging first moment of the Soul Mapping Matrix. The first step to you putting on your own crown is owning your own shit – and you deserve to be loved during that process. I would love to connect with you.


Ready for that? Ready for
you to manifest AND live your bliss?

Ready to get what you want, all without forgetting your sweet, humble godspark?

  1. I’d like my friends and family to read Soul Ascension. It was a psychic download of how to deal with exactly what we’ve been dealing with now (book #3 is on the way)


2.Just hit reply here with a word or sentence of love. I’m the only one reading my emails, that won’t change. Let’s remind each other that we have this connection. So that WE KNOW we still have the magic.


  1. New beliefs begin with New habits. I’d like you to step into whatever you’re scared about, and take a chance. Shifting addiction or dependency? Calling out family karma or ending cycles of abuse?


I would like for you to say NO to defending the old lame Story and say YES to your sweet sacred sovereign New YOU.

  1. If you have ever wanted to work with me in mentorship, or couples, yoga or soul mapping – please recognize that I have never been more powerful than I am right now, and that this is the time you would get to book a ticket (aka destiny call) on the bliss ship before my dance card is totally full. You can grab yours here – easy peasy. If not me, Get a Coach. Learn to Trust again. Win!


5.A good coach has lived it all – they not only understand the theory but they have integrated it, written the books, created the system, and can teach it. They must trust. They must be under shelter, and they must LOVE you to mirror your greatest qualities. 


That also means if there are lies inside, those lies will not be consented to – but again, that is love well done.

I hope to love you well. 

In the meantime…

What do you need to say?


Read it. Love it. Share it.

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Don’t Read Unless You’re Into Radical Vulnerability