Regular Folk. Connection Is What Makes Us Happy.

Jaishree Dow-Spielman Mystic Healer and Spiritual Educator • Creator of the Soul Mapping Matrix and the Soul Culture Yoga School.

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My favorite clients are not always the ones that come with me on retreats, get certified in my teacher training, meet me in yoga class or sing at kirtan. Many of my favorite clients are complete strangers.
Cyndi met me in Trader Joe’s. Kara was the receptionist at my doctor’s office. Craig was the guy who fixed the crack in my neighbor’s driveway. And Brittany is the daughter of the man who does our oil change. These clients all have something in common – they have a no-bullshit policy.

We have serious fun.

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The reality of this world is that no matter where we are born, what religion we grew up with or what language we speak – we all have disconnect to unwind. We all experience separation. We feel separation from ourselves, from the relationships we once held dear, to people we compare ourselves to as successful, or those who have different political or ethical belief systems.
What I see in my clients is that no separation is as deep as the one we have to our own divinity, to our own truth, faith, and to our very own sovereignty. It doesn’t matter now how long we have held onto false narratives or programs that keep us looped into addiction, depression, suffering. The stories can be honored but they are not even the important piece to our soul map.

Here’s the piece that hits home every time: We are fighting with our own version of reality. We are fighting against our own unique divinity.

We separate from our nature, from our divine qualities. And we have to reclaim that to not just survive. Gone are the days that we could use psychotherapy and make better habits. Nope. It’s obvious now more than ever.

Jaishree and Kalanidhi
Honored to be your Soul Mapping guides

Connection is what makes us happy. And we have to connect back to our true essential nature as eternal, awakened, blissful souls.

My clients are not all “spiritual” types. My clients are often no-bullshit kinds of regular folks.

Meet Kara. To the conversation about separation I mentioned early, she says to me in her thick Boston accent:

What kind of connection are we talking here? It’s easier to keep quiet with most people. Why isn’t that working? Isn’t it better than screaming and crying?


Yes and No, I often say, It’s a both-and world”.

Explain, she will say.

So I do.

Even when not running my business, I have built a solid life platform from mastering the holes in my own bucket. The obvious and the mystique. The physical and the mental. Teaching you to get to know the holes in your own bucket is not the hard part. The hard part is actually knowing what you want. You pivot to what CONNECTS you to your own divine blueprint. It’s both messy and gorgeous. That deserves some yelling sometimes. But the thing that connects you to literally every other soul? That’s your powerful knowledge of how to pivot. It can be silent. It takes practice. The pivot is real because it’s both-and world. You’ve got to match your psychological landscape to your language. And then, you always feel confident when speaking to other souls.

Holy s**t, she’ll say. I totally get it.

And she does! And we Soul Map through all the relationships and experiences in her life that have her feeling separation, so that she sees the portal and can choose connection. Both ends of the spectrum are necessary. That’s the ‘both-and’ world.

Trumor #1. You can get so good at this that you consistently make amazing choices.

Trumor #2. You can make your choices so well and so instantly that they become your habit.

Trumor #3. You have a team. You have no idea yet, but they are waiting to love you.

And then you live in your unique divine radiance, divine qualities, and natural talents in ALL situations.

You live in divine timing, clarity, flow, confidence. It’s actual bliss.

This is a very BIG thing for regular folks.

The whole world may be turning upside down. Marriages, business, parenting, and the like are all destabilized in the outer landscape. Even for the folks who have been practicing being “spiritual”, many of them are facing a reality that the effort to find peace and sustainability flew out the window when faced with the unknown, confusion, and basic war of 2020.

You need to know how to turn it around and see it as the most beautiful possibility. You need tools and a navigation system to know where you are going. And most of us need a guide. Because actually and factually, we are already awesome and always have been, no matter the landscape, when we see the trigger as a portal. Every time.

Is that even possible? Is it sustainable? Is it practical? Can spirituality actually be that regular?

YES. Yes it is.

I call it the Soul Map. You can call it whatever you like. As long as it works, it works. 


Thank you, I love you! More to come…

In Clarity, Flow, and Love,

Read it. Love it. Share it.

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Regular Folk. Connection Is What Makes Us Happy.